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About Us

Essential Confection is dedicated to celebrating the essence of life through creation of the highest quality confection and pastry products. We honor the lineage of great confectioners and pastry chefs of the past. We create pleasureful experiences with rigor and simplicity.

About Linda Naylor

CoatFounder/President of Essential Confection

My entre into the food world many years ago was catalyzed by the beauty and exacting creativity of European desserts. Not long after, I fell in love with candy-making.

Each creation is a gift… an exquisite little package of creativity and science… an emblem of life’s celebrations. Essential Confection celebrates what our customers celebrate.

​My passion for baking, pastry and confectionery is more deeply supported as I attend the Baking & Pastry Management program at the Oregon Culinary Institute. I muse about the adventure and the growth of the business on my pastry blog, On Pleasureful Pastry.

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