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Essential Confection Creates High Quality Confection and Pastry Products While Supporting Those Who Make a Difference

giving backEssential Confection welcomes you to a great adventure.

Essential Confection Practices Simple Excellence

Excellence in Essential Confection’s products and excellence in service to our customers who we think of as guests. In the spirit of service to others, our organization is dedicated to a broader purpose we hope our guests will wholeheartedly support.

Supporting Those Who Make a Difference

Our business model is to financially support the work of quality food organizations by partnering with our guests. We support organizations who serve others’ food needs, who educate families and children on gardening and cooking, organizations who produce artisan food products, organic and sustainable food producers and many others who make positive contributions to the reduction of world hunger.

Our Guests Choose Where We Donate a Percentage of Their Purchases 

Essential Confection donates a percentage our guests’ purchases to food organizations of the guests’ choosing from the broad categories listed on the Essential Confection website. Donations are based upon Essential Confection’s net profit and occur each time a guest purchase is made. Guests may suggest organizations they wish to support that align with Essential Confection’s broad categories.

Our donation model applies to our guests’ event purchases, non-profit purchases, single guest purchases and individual gift-giving.

We wish to support what the best food organizations do best: simple excellence. Please join us.

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44045_Essential ConfectionAbout Essential Confection

Essential Confection is dedicated to celebrating the essence of life through creation of the highest quality confection and pastry products. We honor the lineage of great confectioners and pastry chefs of the past. We create pleasureful experiences with rigor and simplicity.

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