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Linda Naylor, Founder and President of Essential Confection, Was Honored To Receive the Chef Parks Award from Oregon Culinary Institute!

OCI-LogoIn the course of obtaining her Baking & Pastry Management degree from the Oregon Culinary Institute, Linda received the Chef Parks Award. The award recognizes exemplary academic achievement, baking and pastry skill and creativity, leadership, teamwork and professionalism, qualities Essential Confection as a company will emulate.

Linda has long admired great confectioners of the past. Essential Confection strives to create and to contemporize the highest quality confections. This award fits nicely with Essential Confection’s motto of Simple Excellence.



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Essential Confection is dedicated to celebrating the essence of life through creation of the highest quality confection and pastry products. We honor the lineage of great confectioners and pastry chefs of the past. We create pleasureful experiences with rigor and simplicity.

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