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Linda Naylor, Founder and President of Essential Confection, Was Honored To Receive the Chef Parks Award from Oregon Culinary Institute!

In the course of obtaining her Baking & Pastry Management degree from the Oregon Culinary Institute, Linda received the Chef Parks Award. The award recognizes exemplary academic achievement, baking and pastry skill and creativity, leadership, teamwork and professionalism, qualities Essential Confection as a company will emulate. Linda has long admired great confectioners of the past. Essential […]

Essential Confection Creates High Quality Confection and Pastry Products While Supporting Those Who Make a Difference

Essential Confection welcomes you to a great adventure. Essential Confection Practices Simple Excellence Excellence in Essential Confection’s products and excellence in service to our customers who we think of as guests. In the spirit of service to others, our organization is dedicated to a broader purpose we hope our guests will wholeheartedly support. Supporting Those […]

Essential Confection Creates Custom Wedding Gifts Containing Essential Caramels For a Couple in Cincinnati!

The Situation Kevin and Jasen were planning their wedding and wanted to include a small gift in their guests’ gift boxes. Our Solution Add a sampling of Essential Caramels in their guests’ gift boxes. Since their wedding colors were black, white and silver with red accents, we used beautiful little silver organza bags with drawstrings […]

Ways to Thank Your Customers and Partners That Let Them Know You Appreciate Them

Businesses spend a lot of time searching for converting prospects into customers and partners. Where a lot of businesses fail is after they have partners in place and converted customer. Friends, partners, customers and everybody wants to be appreciated. The best businesses are making sure their partners and customers know how they feel about them. […]

Essential Confection’s Caramels Help Northwest Harmony Chorus To Have a Successful Fundraising Event

The Situation Northwest Harmony Chorus, based in Vancouver, Washington had an annual fundraising event and wanted to sell something new and different to raise money. Essential Confection’s Solution Chorus members could pre-sell bags of caramels from Essential Confection’s six flavors to their fans, friends, families, and colleagues for holiday delivery. Essential Confection would then produce the caramels and send them […]

Introducing the Essential Coconut Macaroon, Inspired From Great Recipes of the Past

Essential Confection offers creative pastry and confection products of the highest quality. Of special interest to us are great recipes of the past that benefit from contemporary technique or ingredients. In the spirit of that desire, we are delighted to release the Essential Coconut Macaroon. About the Macaroon The Essential Coconut Macaroon is chewy, supple […]

Bob’s Red Mill Supplies Essential Confection with Organic, Gluten-Free Coconut Products Used to Create Essential Coconut Macaroons

Essential Confection has carefully selected ingredient suppliers who have the same commitment to quality as we do. At the top of our supplier list is Bob’s Red Mill produces the organic macaroon coconut, coconut sugar and coconut flour we use in the Essential Coconut Macaroon. Essential Confection’s affinity for wholeness is foundational in our partnership with Bob’s […]

Welcome to Essential Confection!

Essential Confection was founded to celebrate with our guests. Our customers are our guests. We believe in celebrating the events of our lives, and in supporting the celebrations of our guests. We love gift-giving! High Quality Confections Essential Confection is dedicated to producing the highest quality confection and pastry. We honor great pastry chefs and confectioners […]

Confection Contemplation

Mt Hood on the horizon wasn’t enough. I demanded the moon be its companion of scale… In creating the voice for this new blog for the Essential Confection website, I first needed to convince myself the effort was necessary. Creating the voice? Blogging is conversation, yes? How else would one be conversant if not with […]

There is Definitely a Candy Goddess

I wish to taste the sweetness of life; I wish to have the sugar speak for me… No historical recipe interests and challenges me more than cream candy. I’ve alluded to its lure: provocative in texture with a fineness of interior. What I’ve left unsaid is the utter madness I feel in trying to perfect […]