Essential Shortbread for Mother’s Day 2024

Would Your Mother Appreciate a Gift of Indulgence and Joy?

Celebrate the invaluable life skills gifted from your mother, grandmother, or aunt under whose watchful eyes and guidance you learned to cook, paint, hike, care for pets, drive, and many other skills you learned from them!

One way to recognize and honor the love and dedication of those extraordinary parent figures in your life can be gifting of artisan confections. Gifting a tin of luscious shortbread to have with tea, coffee, or other beverage provides your mother-figure a well-deserved respite from a hectic day.

Mothers can mean THE WORLD to us! Thank them with a gift of indulgence and joy.

Tins of Essential Douglas Fir Shortbread Cookies, Essential Rosemary-Mint Shortbread cookies, and Essential Oregon Wild Strawberry shortbread cookies

Essential Pi Day Options

Essential Cranberry-Citrus Pie™

Fashioned after our favorite holiday relish; multi-layered with in-season Mandarins, citrus zests and sweet orange essential oil.

Essential Bing Cherry-Berry Pie™

Oregon Bing cherries and fresh blueberries grounded in warm spices and almond. A restaurant favorite.

Essential Apple Pie™

Sweet-tart, mandoline-sliced apple mélange flavored with our signature spice mix. Bathed in rosemary essential oil-infused butter bits.

Essential Shaker Lemon Pie™

The Meyer lemon is the queen of her court. Glorious curd-like texture; tender, chewy egg-enriched crust.

Import Note: Essential Pies are available for Delivery ($10 fee) AND/or Pickup (free from the Bohemian Kitchen) for a number of Portland zip codes. Please check the list of Portland Zip Codes to see if you can have you pie(s) delivered or will have the option of pickup only at checkout. Orders can be picked up from the Bohemian Kitchen in Beaverton, see Google Map for directions.

Order Window:
Friday, March 1, 2024-Friday March 8, 2024 at 11:59pm
Options for pickup or delivery

Introduction to Pi Day

Pi Day was founded in 1988 by physicist Larry Shaw. Shaw worked at the Exploratorium, an interactive science museum in San Francisco. The choice of date is no coincidence: March 14 (3/14) represents the first three significant figures of the mathematical constant π (pi).

The inaugural Pi Day celebration took place at the Exploratorium. Participants enjoyed a circular parade (fittingly!) and indulged in the delightful tradition of eating fruit pies.

It wasn’t until 2009 that Pi Day became an official national holiday in the United States. The U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation recognizing this quirky and educational day.

Archimedes, the Ancient Greek mathematician, is often credited with accurately calculating the estimated value of pi. Pi is an irrational, transcendental number that continues infinitely. Its first three digits (3.14) or the fraction 22/7 are commonly accepted approximations. In mathematics, pi is crucial because it represents the constant ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Engineers rely on pi for modern construction, making it an essential part of our world. The Greek letter π has symbolized pi since the mid-18th century, derived from the word “perimetros,” meaning circumference.

In 2015, Pi Day fanatics had a special treat: celebrations occurred on 3/14/15 at 9:26:53 a.m., representing the first 10 digits of pi: 3.141592653. To date, pi has been calculated to over 1 trillion decimal places, and mathematicians continue their quest for more precision.

Mathematicians, scientists, and educators hope Pi Day will increase interest in math and science. Celebrations include instruction, museum exhibitions, pie-eating (or throwing) contests, and more. It’s a holiday that satisfies both the left-brained and the sweet-tooth inclined!

Now that you and your numerically dexterous posse are stoked about Pi Day, get personal-size fruit pies for the whole gang for an affordable $17.00 each!

Ordering Pies for Pi Day in Portland, Oregon has never been easier!