Essential Citrus Olive Oil Cake™

Product Description

A special flour blend creates an exceptionally tender crumb. House-made lemon-infused olive oil and the warmth of fresh thyme juxtaposed with sweet lemon zest and fresh lemon juice | serves 8

Features & Benefits

  • Olive oil instead of butter creates an extended shelf life of 7+ days without refrigeration
  • No stabilizers, extenders, preservatives or bio-engineered ingredients
  • Customer has assurance of clean ingredients
  • Freezes well; serve slightly warm to activate the olive oil
Citrus Olive Oil Cake


Essential Citrus Olive Oil Cake™ is available year-round on our standard delivery schedule.


  • Fruit sauces or citrus compotes, candied orange or fresh fruit (blood oranges, Satsuma Mandarins, local berries)
  • Grilled fruit in season: peaches, nectarines, plums
  • Light dessert wines or liqueurs such as Prosecco or Limoncello

Refrigerated Storage

Lightly wrapped or under glass at room temperature; generous 7+ days shelf life

Special or Event Orders

Contact us for event quantities and lead time.