Essential Douglas Fir Shortbread™

A Shortbread as Unique as the Pacific Northwest

Are you looking for a unique food gift item based in the Pacific Northwest?

Do you enjoy the fragrance of Douglas Fir and lemon when you open a cookie box?

Are hiking, kayaking, wind surfing, climbing, bird watching, or other outdoor sports important for you?

Essential Douglas Fir Shortbread™ has the unmistakable fragrance of our beloved Douglas Fir. Subtle, spicy background notes, sweet lemon essence in the nose and an unmistakably succulent mouth feel. Tender, elegant shortbread of the highest quality that’s emblematic of the Pacific Northwest.

Take a tin of Essential Douglas Fir Shortbread™ with you on your next outing. Enjoy the flavors and succulence while in nature. Having a bite or two afterward brings those experiences alive again.

Essential Douglas Fir Shortbread™

Special Pricing:
Get 12 tins for $180
(that’s only $15/tin)

Essential Douglas Fir Shortbread™

Features & Benefits

Feature Benefit
Amazing aroma Refreshes the senses and recalls past outings
Spicy background notes, sweet lemon essence Warmth and flavors work together to add liveliness
 Unmistakably succulent mouthfeel Luxurious treat at home or in the outdoors
Reusable window tin Protects cookies while active; convenient storage afterwards
Order 3 tins at once A tin each for home, car and backpack


Essential Confection is committed to clean ingredients.

Douglas Fir Shortbread ingredients list

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