Essential Northwest Cheesecake™

Product Description

Our flagship Essential Northwest Cheesecake™

Succulent. Texturally luxurious.

For true cheesecake lovers who know New York isn’t the only thing… | serves 12

Features & Benefits

  • Accidentally gluten-free! Engage an additional customer demographic!
  • Without stabilizers, extenders or bio-engineered ingredients
  • Customer has assurance of clean ingredients
  • Local sourcing of ingredients – a true Pacific Northwest cheesecake!
  • Freezes well and may be returned to service temperature in 36 hours in the walk-in
  • Allows chefs to use inventory to smooth out the peaks and valleys of weekly demand
Our flagship Northwest cheesecake available for Dessert Menus in the Portland metro area


Our flagship Essential Northwest Cheesecake™ is available year-round on our standard delivery schedule.

The best seller on many of our restaurant partners’ menus.


  • Amarena, Montmorency or Northwest sweet cherries
  • Fruit sauces or compotes, such as raspberry coulis, candied fruit (figs, cherries)
  • Grilled fruit in season: peaches, nectarines, plums
  • Light dessert wines or liqueurs such as vin Santo, Port, Moscato di Asti, Limoncello

Refrigerated Storage

Lightly wrapped < 41 F / 5 C degrees; generous 7+ days shelf life, thawed

Special or Event Orders

Contact us for event quantities and lead time