Essential Tiramisu™

Product Description

Essential Tiramisu™: espresso dipped ladyfingers, Marsala, dark rum, Amaretto, orange liqueur, elegant egg mascarpone cream | serves 15

Features & Benefits

  • Foundational to the best menus
  • No stabilizers, extenders, preservatives or bio-engineered ingredients
  • Customer has assurance of clean ingredients
  • Serve chilled


Essential Tiramisu™ is available all year round

Essential Strawberry Tiramisu™ flavored with Moscato, fresh Oregon strawberries and fresh orange juice, is available in season only.


  • Requires very little garnish: chopped 72% dark chocolate
  • Dessert wines or liqueurs such as Port, Ice Wine, Moscato Rosa, Marsala, Vin Santo, Cream Sherry

Refrigerated Storage

Refrigerate < 41 F degrees in the wrap the product was delivered in to diminish oxidation; serve cold

Special or Event Orders

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