Product Description

Essential Hazelnut Praline Cake™ uses Oregon’s illustrious hazelnuts – the supreme dessert nut – in both the super-tender crumb and by blending house made hazelnut praline into our succulent butter frosting. 8” cake | serves 12

Features & Benefits

  • Showcases the bounty of Oregon’s finest dessert nut
  • Utilizes local Euro-style butter to create the finest textured cake crumb
  • No stabilizers, extenders, preservatives or bio-engineered ingredients
  • Customer always has assurance of a clean ingredient label


Essential Hazelnut Praline Cake™ is available in Q3, Q4 and Q1


Cocoa, espresso and dark chocolate all have affinity relationships with hazelnuts so a dusting of the best quality cocoa powder on the plate and rough-chopped toasted hazelnuts atop are the perfect foil.

Dessert wines such as Madeira, vintage Port, Riesling or Vin Santo, even an oaky New World chardonnay

Refrigerated Storage

Wrap the box in plastic upon receipt; refrigerate at <41 F degrees until service. Allow cake to return to room temperature, or warm very, very gently to its original tenderness. May also be maintained prior to and throughout service under a cake dome.

Special or Event Orders

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