Product Description

Essential Mission Fig-Blueberry Pie™ marries two full-flavored California fruit varieties. Tender Mission figs are steeped in orange simple syrup and sweet orange essential oil, then baked with spiced flavor affinities common to both fruit. 9” pie | serves 8

Features & Benefits

  • Showcases the West Coast’s highest quality fruit
  • Tender egg-enriched pastry dough is flaky and flavorful
  • Customer always has assurance of a clean ingredient label
Essential Mission Fig-Blueberry Pie™ with ice cream


Essential Mission Fig-Blueberry Pie™ is available in Q1 and Q2 prior to the start of local fruit season


Cinnamon ice cream or gelato is a glorious complement to both types of fruit

Dessert wines such as off-dry to sweet Muscat, late harvest Riesling, sparkling wines, ice wine

Refrigerated Storage

May also be maintained prior to and throughout service at room temperature under a cake dome. May be warmed slightly and refrigerated after service.

Special or Event Orders

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