Essential Orange Wine Cake

Product Description

Essential Orange Wine Cake is warm, dense and flavorful, grounded in raisins and earthy seasonings; a rich orange frosting, candied orange garnish | serves 9, generously.

Features & Benefits

  • A cake that has its roots in Colonial Williamsburg using the entire orange: pith, peel, juice that benefits density and texture
  • No stabilizers, extenders, preservatives or bio-engineered ingredients
  • Customer has assurance of clean ingredients
  • Freezes well; serve slightly warm


Essential Orange Wine Cake is available in Q4 and Q1 when the highest quality and variety of citrus is available


  • Requires very little garnish: Supreme fruit slices (oranges, Satsuma Mandarins, tangerines)
  • Sweet dessert wines or liqueurs such as Sauterne, Limoncello

Refrigerated Storage

Lightly wrapped or boxed at <41 F degrees; warm before serving

Special or Event Orders

Contact us for event quantities and lead time